Residential Cleaning

ProKleen's residential carpet cleaning customers are the heart of our business.  Since ProKleen's inception in 2000 our legion of repeat residential customers is the most important gauge of our performance and the source of great pride.  ProKleen takes the privilege of coming into your home very seriously and, like any guest, would like to be welcomed back.  Your cleaning technician will always be in uniform, courteous and very knowledgeable in evaluating your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.  The greatest care will be taken with your home and it's appointments.

A Healthy Home - Your carpet cleaning project will not only restore much of the original beauty to your carpets but is also very important in providing a healthy indoor environment for your family and guests.  The steam cleaning process removes contaminants and allergens from deep in the carpet backing that promote bacterial growth.  Your carpet not only looks great but is sanitized, deodorized and 99.9 percent germ free.  It's one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy home.

About Steam Cleaning - With ProKleen's truck mounted steam extraction process, no mechanical cleaning equipment is taken into your home.  Only the cleaning wand with hoses connected to the van are brought inside, leaving the noise outside.  All areas are first treated with a pre-cleaner to loosen tough soils and allow dwell time.  The steam extraction cleaning then removes the soils and transfers them to the mobile unit outside.  After the application of DuPont Teflon Advanced Fabric Protector (optional but recommended) and final grooming your cleaned, deodorized and sanitized carpet will be dry in a few short hours.

Furniture Moving - ProKleen moves most furniture (furniture that is practical to move).  There are, however, several items we will not move.  A partial list includes: entertainment centers, electronics (TV's, computers, stereos, etc.), bookcases with books, china closets, large dressers, most beds, large plants.  Furniture that is moved by the cleaning technician and returned to it's original location on the cleaned carpet will be placed on disposable protective blocks or plastic tabs.  In order to protect your carpet from furniture stains or rust, do not remove these protective devices until the carpet is dry.

Customer Preparation - At ProKleen we are committed to making your carpet cleaning project a successful one.  It is advantageous to both the customer and the cleaning technician to have the areas as free and clear as possible.  To insure this is a positive experience there are several things the home owner can do to properly prepare for this project:

  • Small furniture such as dining room chairs, small stands or tables, plants, floor lamps, etc. should be moved to other areas where possible until the carpet is dry.
  • Furniture that will be moved by the cleaning technician such as coffee tables and end tables should have small objects removed from them ahead of time.
  • Items such as toys, magazines, newspapers, cardboard boxes, etc. should be picked up off the carpet and stowed.
  • A recent vacuuming is necessary especially if there are things such as small bits of paper or pet hair on the carpet.  If it is necessary for the cleaning technician to pre-vacuum it will be at a $5.00 per area additional charge.

For any questions or additional information needed about ProKleen's Residential Cleaning Services Contact Us at ProKleen Customer Service

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